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30 January 2012


Ha.. I remember back around 1986 I lived in downtown LA in the artist's loft district, there were tons of empty parking lots in the area between there and Skid Row. One day I was walking near my loft and I noticed one of the lots was full of new Crown Vics with LAPD colors but no lights. Over the next few weeks, more and more lots filled up with Crown Vics, there were hundreds of them. Pretty soon, the whole area was covered with new cop cars. I thought that was pretty funny because the area was notorious for vehicle break-ins. Everyone I knew drove beaters so they wouldn't be a conspicuous target. One person I knew even took her car battery inside every night, since it got stolen so often. My own '65 beater got stolen, it was abandoned without the battery. That was the strategy, to have a car that was so crappy there was nothing to steal in it.
Well anyway, thanks for the memories, it's been a long time since I saw rows and rows of parked Crown Vics.

Glad to see you posting again!

Thanks. I've been distracted with a lot of other projects. Telstar Logistics remains very very active on Twitter:


And if you're a Flipboard user, the feed is optimized for display via Flipboard.

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