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19 May 2011


I have been walking past this car and wondering about it for years.

I think it's owned by David Lynch.

If you go to Slanted Door, on the way to the bathrooms, there is an "artsy" large-format-looking photo of this car at night that's pretty slick. And of course it's part of the "San Francisco Vehicles Cropped to a Square" set :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmania/4423561389/in/set-72157622967254385

I saw the owner get out once - older, smallish, balding African-American man.

I've been driving past it for almost nineteen years, and I've watched the glass slowly disappear - too bad. Yes, it has an occupant and I think the man is making a valiant effort to hold on to the last thing he values - it's sad.

Ok this might be a silly idea but with all the pics and history perhaps we could raise $ to have the glass repaired? Bur honestly probably mental health assistance might be more valuable...

Oh, just realized my previous comment may have made it seem that my photo was the one up at Slanted Door. My flickr photo is not. But a different one is. That is all; at ease.

why doesn't someone knock and say hello???

Has it been 19 years? I was thinking about 15 but you might be correct. It was in pretty decent condition when it first appeared but, wow, it's looking worse than ever and the interior must reek. I've never been able to get a good look at the occupant/tenant. Just a shadowy figure sitting in the front seat gazing out at the world. Some mental health care may be needed but at least he's sane enough to be able to keep a roof over his head. If he doesn't want to give up car camping maybe someone can trade him a newer vehicle better suited to living in.
This can't last forever, circumstances in the city just won't leave things alone. I wish him good fortune but something could happen to him and he won't be able to keep the car running or registered or moved periodically for street cleaning and the city will tow it. Or he accidentally sets it on fire or a Muni bus hits it. Pick whatever calamity you want.
If he were a young guy doing this for the hell of it that's one thing but it's pretty certain that this guy is hanging on by his finger nails and probably doesn't have any other good choices. This is a terminal situation and we are spectators/witnesses it.
Not so good really. He deserves better and the car deserves better. Maybe he just wants to buried in his Merc.

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