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17 March 2011


Or a remote Control bulldozer that could tow a unmanned started and pumping firetruck water cannon closer Would need lots of hose 50 MILES

Can these models function amid extremely high radiation? My recollection of the Chernobyl disaster was that they had 2 robots, but that the radiation fried the electronics, whereupon they were forced to send in what they described as "human robots" to finish the job. I read somewhere that the most vulnerable electronics are the cameras but I imagine the radio communications might be damaged or the signals simply overwhelmed by background noise.

This reminds of the robotic fire fighting system I saw at Tokyo's Convention Centre: http://www.flickr.com/photos/simplesimon/4549761066/in/photostream/lightbox/#/photos/simplesimon/2058934064/in/photostream/lightbox/


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