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11 February 2011


Scrupulously undisturbed is a bit of a stretch. If you look at before pictures you can tell that many headstones are now missing or broken. They cut the trees down very speedily and didn't do a great job. Construction workers just don't have the preservation instinct I guess.

Hmm. I think "scrupulously undisturbed" is a bit of a stretch. They cut down all the trees in the cemetery, and the workers did quite a bit of damage to the cemetery itself in the process. I was there shortly after the trees were removed, and lots of dirt had been turned up everywhere, and many headstones had either been relocated to random locations, or just plain knocked down and left.

Also, because the trees were removed, many of the underbrushy plants have grown by leaps and bounds due to the increase in sunlight. As a result, many headstones/gravesites (including that of my beloved pufferfish) are now covered up. Between the turned earth and the new plant growth, many gravesites are virtually impossible to find, short of, well, digging them up again.

It seems like the guy who's supervising the work has done a relatively decent job, but I think in the early stages, the people actually doing the work weren't properly instructed as to the vulnerability/importance of the site.

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