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24 November 2010


I once read a comment by Phil Dick that Seattle is like what San Francisco would be like if it had never been hit by the big earthquake. What if there was a 7.9 quake in Seattle? That, I'd like to see.

Combing SF hills with SF drivers who can't even handle the rain with a nice 1"-2" of snow... I would love to see that. Total mayhem.

I also have daydreams of pointing my skis down Bernal Hill. Fact is, it would be a short run.

There was a storm just like this in Seattle when I lived there, I think in '98 or '99. Two inches, and the city was totally disabled. Articulated buses jackknifed and abandoned in the middle of the road, even with chains on. Fun times.

Apparently the city has, like, ONE snowplow. And even that can't be used on most of the streets, because they have those little concrete "road turtles" all over them.

What's the snow equivalent of a 50-year levee?

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