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17 November 2010


I like that the Ford Transit Connect has sliding doors which means you can't swing a door into someone riding a bike.

Good point, Steve. Actually, I think all three designs feature sliding doors. Bikers rejoice!

KARSAN's product makes me think of that episode of the Simpsons when Homer has some weird car and the guy tells him "It gets 50 hectares on a liter of Kerosene!" and when Homer can't drive it he yells "Put it in H! Put it in H!"

The Karsan looks to be the only one designed specifically for the role.

i like the dedicated luggage space inside the cab, so you'll not forget items in the trunk. also doesn't require the cab driver getting out of the cab to help you put things in the trunk. should speed pickup and drop off.

lots of legroom, separated seats.

the screens look interesting but probably unnecessary - save for a GPS based map display to tell the passengers where they are, where their destination is, and an interface for credit card payment. i see twitter and facebook icons on there, but if people want to do that stuff, mobile phones are the better bet.

on the other hand, i imagine many international travelers will be using these things and might appreciate those options without racking up massive data roaming fees.

checking out the Karsan renders again, i don't think those are sliding doors...

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