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03 November 2010


THe Soplata place is (in)famous. A great story from a while back


Spectacular location. I need a patron to get me there to shoot it . . .

This guy and his 'yard' sound very much like a chap I did an article on in south-eastern Ontario about a year ago (http://www.barnstormers.com/eFLYER/2009/080-eFLYER-FA01-RiseAgain.html Part 1 & http://www.barnstormers.com/eFLYER/2009/081-eFLYER.html Part II). Vince O'Connor has been dealing in surplus aircraft purchased from Crown Assets, the Canadian governments group that disposes of military assets that have been struck off strength. He is in his 70s and has some health issues, and doesn't know how much longer he'll be able to deal with it all. There are airplanes strewn around the property in various states of disrepair and tens of thousands of parts from Lancaster bomber turrets to multiple fuselages and wing sections for Bolingbrokes, a number of Harvard/T-6 wings, and T-33 fuselages and wings.
I'm sure there are other people in Canada and the USA who have vintage and/or classic airplanes tucked away on their properties or inside barns and hangars that we may one day see in the air again, or maybe tucked under the wing of a B-29 or Halifax bomber in a museum. Let's hope that none of it goes for scrap!

I've been to Vince's place North East of Toronto. I bought parts from him. If you were in Vince's house you would not forget it. At that time (many years ago now) he had a Lysander WWII vintage aircraft, in a state of reconstruction in his livingroom!!! of all places. He had a trap door which opened up to a cornucopia of aircraft parts in his basement... Heck he even had a Rolls Royce Merlin Engine in his driveway... not to mention the Yale (Havard trainer variant) sitting in his front yard.. Again.. this is 20 years ago.. I didn't know that Vince was still there!!!

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