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18 October 2010


Thanks for the photos! It's a treat.

I worked sound on a documentary film that shot at the Midland-Odessa Airport during their annual AirSho about a year ago.

I was amazed to see so many WWII era planes in good shape, and flying. Even some oddballs like the An-2. The B-29 was in a hangar, an engine removed, some panels missing, paint needed, etc. when I saw it a year ago. I'm amazed that they made that much progress in a year...Well, mainly that they have the money to. I'm actually surprised the cost isn't more. In my neck of the woods, Columbia Helicopters is rumored to quote 5 figures an hour for chopper time, depending on the job.

BTW, the Commemorative Air Force has a museum that has a stunning collection of nose art. The panels were saved by the aluminum scrapper, and are displayed at their original height, so you walk into the gallery, and above you are all these nose section panels, nicely restored...Amazing sight.

With the few B-29 Superfortress left has anyone ever inquired about the three that russia had after the war? Russia Reversed engineered the B-29s and created Tupolev T-u4 just curious to see if they still have the B-29's.

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