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26 September 2010


Hole. E. Crap.

I thought it interesting that they were ostensibly on the way from Mather AFB near Sacramento to Leemore NAS for a refuel and then home to the San Diego area when the incidents occurred at Lake Tahoe. Problem is, the fairly secluded Emerald Bay (a state park with just one road) on the southeast corner of Tahoe doesn't seem to be at all on the way. While many kids today have the attention span of a fruit fly, I seriously doubt these fellows fall into that category. Points of interest noted on this map:


People interested in this story may also be interested in this U.S. Navy manual from 1944, called "Flat-Hatting Sense":


Now, I'm not saying that the one necessarily goes with the other; I leave that wholly for the reader's pleasure when further details of the escapade are revealed in future.

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