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31 August 2010


Cool shots :) We saw this place last time we were in LA, strangely enough, on our way to our glamourous rooms at the LAX Travelodge... (I think it was the _other_ LAX Travelodge that we stayed at - it sticks in my mind because we had to park at the extreme other end of the complex (and over the road) from where our rooms were, as the parking in front of our rooms was all taken, mostly by cars without the hotel issued parking permits...)

The Culver City Travelodge on the other hand is much better and about the same price, if not cheaper, though without the free restaurant bar (including waffle maker) that we made so much use of while we were in the states :)

Thanks again for the shots from the Proud Bird, it's another place I'm now kicking myself for not stopping in at, although we didn't really have the time to see much more than we did, with my habit of sleeping in till almost midday and staying up till about 2am writing blog posts and sorting photos... :)

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