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12 March 2010


Police departments like big cars with big engines and rear wheel drive that are cheap to buy. That's why the Crown Vic has been so popular. Front wheel drive and V6 engines are already a negative, and I bet this won't be cheap. Dodge has already been making inroads with the Charger, and the new Chevy follows the classic route. But without a RWD platform to build on, Ford doesn't have a choice but to hope they can salvage some of the market based on loyalty over utility.

oh..wicked sick! is this for real..this is so cool..this would want me to become a police..

Speaking of headlights, those appear to be HID projector lenses. I've often wondered when the Man would start using these vastly superior lights. If it's true, it's going to start being MUCH more difficult to detect police vehicles in the rearview at night :-(

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