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20 March 2009


Well, I dunno about "not as cute as an Aerocar", especially in the roadable configuration. "Wings folded up" is a *lot* cuter looking than "took them off and trailered them behind"...especially when the folding and unfolding is electrically powered.

Especially cool that the first flight was in Plattsburgh, I've flown in and out of the now-closed Clinton County airport, and spent time on the air force base (now Plattsburgh International Airport).

looks pretty cute to me.

i think this is the first flying car i've seen that actually seems sort of practical.

it seems to not attempt to do too much, and looks to be somewhat elegant at doing what it can.

who is the market for this, i wonder...

cool, i never seen it before :)

ネットショップ 構築

WOW....wierd design but great idea...only time will tell when cars begin to fly :)

And than... only silence...(but thanks for the posts in the past!)

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I have just come across this site and wow is all I can say. I have heard about this little flying car, and its great to see that it completed its test flight with success, I just wonder if they are going to be come popular, I know that if I could have one I would, as the traffic here in South Africa is just a nightmare.

This is the first time to this site and its really interesting. I just love this little plane/car, one can say no more to traffic.

Wahh .. This is looking amazing also it is creative. Really nice design of this flight.


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Very nice invention i hope i will get this car in future.

I really enjoyed the blog. I have just bookmarked. I am reguler visitor of your website i will share it with my friends

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This is really nice. I like this so much. This cars looks so pretty and please release it very soon and make it so much poplar around the world so everybody can use it.I am really dieing to drive it.

This car seems to be very great. Its design is very beautiful and outstanding. I love this so much.

it is really an amazing car. Its features are really mind blowing. It is so precious and it will be the world's most popular car.

You have done such a great job. This car looks very pretty. You are really a very hard worker which completes its dream.

I love this car and dieing to use it. It looks really hot. And congrats for your successful experiment.

These are the cars of the future, intended to make our lives easier and secreting more pollution in exchange!

I like your website. It always help me in my work. It provides me many information about new inventions which are very helpful for me and make my work easy to perform in a very short time. This flying car is really amazing.

This is really a helpful invention. I daily watch your website because it provides me many helpful knowledge. I really impressed with the working of you guys. This is a future development work that you did by making this wonderful car.

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