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27 February 2009


This phrase you use, "begs the question", does not mean what you think it means. It's a technical term from formal logic which means "to take for granted the thing to be proven". If that's confusing, remember this simple rule: Don't use the phrase "begs the question".

Wow. Great comment. Did you notice that the person who used the phrase "begs the question" wasn't the person who posted this information? That portion was taken from the newspaper copy. Perhaps your comment belongs on the newspaper's site. Oh, wait. The writer of the article didn't use the phrase either, it was a direct quote from an eyewitness.

I suggest you track down North Arlington resident Jessica Cates and inform her of her grievous misuse of formal logic instead of directing your correction towards parties that didn't make the error in the first place.

If that's confusing, remember this simple rule: Don't correct people when you don't have a clue.

Don't correct people when you don't have a clue.


Nobody benefits from either of your snotty little posts.

I dunno, I got a kick out of the second one.

Everyone benefits from the "snotty little posts". (except for stuck up pricks who hate life)

Modesto kid sucks.

Where did the co-pilot sit? Capt. Sully's brass balls are so huge, they'd have to be in the co-pilot's seat.....

Gatchman has crappy reading skillz.

Whoa. Ease up everyone.

First, to Tim, thanks for the support.

Second, to Ed, I respectfully disagree. By using a small amount of humor perhaps one person (or perhaps many) might think twice before shooting a rant off in someone's direction. Or maybe they'll pause and make sure they've got their fact straight first. If that cuts down overall in the condescending comments, then I consider it a win.

Third, to Modesto Kid Sucks and Gatchaman's English Teacher -- you're attributing your comments to the wrong person. I can't say I entirely blame you as the format of the posts is terrible. John Eight Thirty Two wrote the initial post and I (Gatchaman) responded to it. Ed Gein made the "snotty" comment and Modesto Kid responded to that. The dividing line (foolishly?) divides the comment from the author instead of one comment from the next. Go figure.

Have a good weekend everyone!

I gave a bouquet of flowers to a B-17 after an airshow once.

I'd love nothing more than to give N106US
a dozen blue roses.

That would be a cool parade float.

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Man I hope someone from Ardis Travel got a shot of that.

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This must have been quite a sight! ..going through the sub-urban areas of New Jersey is certainly not easy considering the "narrow" lanes and driveways when compared to the length and width of the fuselage.


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