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07 January 2009


Reminds me of my all-time favorite car, the Citroën DS 21. I want one.

It was only a matter of time...


"The car has eight wheels enabling it to be closer to the ground for better traction. Each of the wheels has a 60 kW (80 hp) electric motor, giving a 480 kW (640 hp) eight wheel drive which can tackle all kinds of road surfaces."
I am not sure I get this. Why does having eight wheels get it closer to the ground? And how can it tackle all kinds of road surfaces being low to the ground?
Seems like a lot of unsprung, rotational weight.

Wow, that electric cars were so great not just because it's environment friendly but also because of it's unique awesome design.

I like to drives a car-bmw verymuch Because it's Good !!!!!

I like to drives a car-bmw verymuch Because it's Good !!!!!

This is the coolest thing I have ever seen. One day, all cars will have gull wing doors and go 250 mph.

Looks pretty cool. Now they just need to loose some wheels. length, and get it into production.

Pretty sweet. 250mph! Holy moly. I'm not a big fan of the 8 wheels though. It's fugly. If they came out with a 4 wheel version for less than 100 grand, I'm on it!

250mph??? niceeeeeee

Yeah I am not quite getting the 8 wheel thing but 250 mph? Nascar here we come! Hate to be the pit crew...

Eight wheels!, Why? Good to see people digging more into the electric car thing but im not sure that anyone would actually want to drive around in one of these, well not me any way.

There seems to be a number of EV's Electric vehicles that look nice. This is purely superficial of course as the longevity of these vehicles has yet to be put to the test. So therefore the reliability is still questionable seeing as a new form of propulsion is been used.

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My comments please!

I wonder why they made it so large. Isn't the rule, that the less contact you have with the road the less friction. Basically thinner tires are better.

Hi there, i`m just crazy about this, love the extra wheels

nice site..

Hi there

Quite obvious that if you didn't have the 8 wheels then you wouldn't have the 640 horse power and it wouldn't go 250 mph.

Wow its looking really great buddy.

Thank you, for who ever posted on June 12 at 3:19 am, because as I read this "could no one see that there was an 80 HP motor for each wheel?" .

The technology that they used at the time were these high efficiency 80 HP motors. To get more HP means more motors. The motors are directly attached to the wheels as close as possible, therefore more motors means more wheels!

There is an excellent documentary on this car and it's development. It has an bank of batteries underneath the car where drive shaft would have been. It lends itself to an infrastructure where a facility could exist to fork lift/swap the batteries out in 5-10 minutes instead of parking for 6 hours to recharge. Think of it like a propane tank exchange.

Good review, thanks.

Thanks, helpful source.

This is something very different, I find it very different that they made it with 8 wheels, but hey something different is always nice. Nice post

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