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08 January 2009


I dig the motorcycle side car.
What agency do the guys in the cycling bumble bee outfits belong to?

What you can't see in that photo is that there are dudes with machine guns in the back of the suv's. Was crossing the street here in NYC a few years ago when Cheney's motorcade went by and I was trying to jaywalk behind and secret service dudes in the open back of SUV aimed there guns at me, that'll teach me not to jaywalk.

- T


Fsharp: Aren't they The Monarch's henchmen?


maybe if he just took a taxi no one would notice and that would be safer than a big
"here he is" sort of show??..

Several friends worked with the Bush 1 campaign way back when and actually drove vehicles with press (Britt Hume, etc) in a motorcade. They noted that one van has a video camera on the Presidents vehicle at all times - called "Deathwatch One" - in order to document all movements in case of problems. They saw one of the black sport utes push a lady's cadillac into the median on the interstate when she (somehow) got around a roadblock.

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Yes, that's exactly what I thought the other day. If he traveled in a plain looking sedan, with a couple of vans that could be changed to look like different utility or delivery vans from time to time.

Not nearly as "sexy" I know, but the whole pomp and circumstance is really stupid if you're actually trying to protect the guy. As the govt. agents themselves say, as soon as he steps out of the megacar, there's very little thay can do, so they would prefer that he just stay inside it.

That is pretty amazing, thanks for sharing the video footage too, I am really enjoying this blog, its just filled with a little bit of everything.

One doesn't get to see a Presidential motorcade every day, so to see this was really great, and interesting to see just how it all works.

When he was in Ottawa, the streets he took from the airport to the Hill were closed for an hour, a lightly armoured vehicle with a give or take 30mm gun followed and a helicopter followed sideways, always pointing at the limo, with two machine guns hangingon both sides, swivel style. I saw the barrell pointed at me from 150ft up. They moved the gun from person to person....

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AHAHA whats the bike cop gonna do fall of his bike.

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