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11 December 2008


Maybe I'm drinking the koolaide, but Obama's a pretty level-headed guy, which means he's not going to be swayed by a chorus of scripted employee responses.

Make your case, put the facts on the table, and see where that takes you. Desperately clinging to your guns and religion funding shows your case is too weak to stand on its own merits.

It's not like there's anything more pressing than space travel going on these days.
(And I'm a huge fan of space travel)

The solar-powered Mars rovers have been able to continue their mission on Mars for several years past their expected demise, with no resupply. How many astronauts could do that? Zero.

Up with robots!

i'm not at all adverse to a purely robotic spaceflight program, provided that a lot of the money saved by stopping manned flights is to..

a] build way more robots


b] have the robots do way cooler things

as cool as our existing robotic probes and rovers are, i don't think they're nearly cool enough. i would like to see at least a 40% increase in the coolness of robotic space exploration during the Obama administration.

...a red-faced Griffin demanded to speak directly to Obama, according to witnesses.

I'm sorry, but a Bush appointee demands to speak to the President-Elect ?

Epic fail.

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