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10 December 2008


No, they weren't built by "American entrepreneur named Robert E. Fulton"

They were built by Moult Taylor:


That's why they called them *Taylor* Aerocars, ne?

Ooof. That's it -- no more huffing model airplane glue while writing up these blog posts. We mean it this time.

Thanks for highlighting what should have been obvious, and the text has been corrected above.

But does it float? Does it dive? Can you use it to bore beneath the surface of the earth? And can you dock your iPod? That's when I buy!

If the Aerocar was pulling a boat on a trailer, with a Vespa attached, equipped with a bike rack ...I'd buy it.

was this the car that the actor robert cummings advertised in the 50's?

holy crap!! what kinda MPG does that car get?? (like it even matters) a flying car is so badass, I would love to be able to do that. Does this mean that you can take off from the highway?

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MLS listings

This was featured in 2008 on a BBC program hosted by James May, called Big Ideas...

So one could say that this is the first flying car??? This is just unbelievable, I if they had to manufacture these for the public I know that I would get one, anything to deal with the huge amounts of traffic jams.

So they were thinking and making these flying cars even back then, its amazing, and would be even better if they really manufacture red these for everyone to have the option to buy them, say goodbye to traffic jams, accidents and road rage.

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i tried this with some 2x4s and some cardboard
didnt work to well

Kind of ridiculous that a newer car
which probably is safer, and has more upgrades is less than one tenth the price what the seller of this car wants, but I guess there always will be people with too much money and rather than helping mankind, they prefer to spend it whims and wants (the millions billionaires spend on going to space or for a single painting!)

Well, I guess you can say for that that you can't say for the newer one, you know that this one lasts a long time!

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