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07 November 2008


the quality of the production is really very good.

all the physical models are great. much better than CGI in many respects.

That pod-shaped space suit is fantastic... wonder why that never caught on?!

I remember seeing it when it was on. As a kiddy and a fan of sf, I particularly was thrilled by that weird formation on the Moon and wanted to see it again. I do not believe there ever was a rerun.

eBay frequently has copies of the Disney Treasures: TOMORROWLAND DVD set, which has this, as well as all of the Disney MAN IN SPACE programs, and the promo film Walt did (while he was dieing from cancer) for the original EPCOT proposal.

I have this DVD set. Worth every penny I paid for it new, and then some.

Fantastic use of slide rule as pointer/ suit pocket adornment.

I totally agree with what has been said previously. The quality is good and physical models are really nice.

Thanks a lot for this great blog!

disney was just a brilliant man.

disney merchandise store movies dvd

this is so amazing.

Wow thanks a lot for this amazing post.

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