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03 November 2008


Yea, the same became true of the Urban Iditarod. It became too big to survive, so it's back to being underground... We announce the day before on no lists. The racers are all know the date, just not the where.

Wow, what's with the guy doing the soapbox race with his baby in the back of the car? I sure hope that's a doll! Evidently the driver thought it was dangerous enough to wear a helmet for himself, but cool to stick his baby in the back unprotected??

@Adam. Hard to know whether your comment is for real or not. Either way it gave me a good chuckle!

Wow, that is a coherent, reasonable Police Officer. Where do I get one for my community?

baby in back? oh don't worry... it was already dead... that's why it was in the coffin..

perhaps the police officers just didn't see the irony in them stopping this gravity event

Five-yr-old conversation with her dad:
"Why aren't they here, daddy?"
"Well, it's apparently against the rules. I don't know if it is, but these police say it is."

Ah it's not about "rules" or "safety"; it's all about money for permits - park & rec needs to crack down because they are facing huge shortages and layoffs; you're doing something in the park? - ok, here's a piece of regulation that says you got to get a permit and pay for it... and pay for cops' presence, DPT, etc. Nothing but money is the reason for this. In any case, still really hope those of us who aren't privy to the insider info will be able to find out about the future races somehow.. it'd be a such a pity otherwise :-/

p.s. btw, Todd, I said "hi" to you, thanked for the blog and you asked me to take a picture of you with the police officer next to his car right before you left. -Sasha

Well I agree it's a drag when you get shut down, but you knew the risk, hence the title for the event.
If your expectation is that an ambulance take you to the hospital in the unfortunate event of a major catastrophe or accident, then you should honor the process by which those services are reserved and paid for.

These soapboxes are great, must be fun to drive...

Much as I hate to say it, I think this event is finished.

You know how the progression works:

1) A few friends get together for an informal but very cool event.

2) They invite a few friends for the next time.

3) The event grows a bit too big for informality, so the Original Participants take leadership roles and organize things. They become the event's "Gurus" or "Founding Members".

4) Word gets out in the local area and the event grows.

5) The event draws "Official Attention" from the authorities. Word of the crackdown is deemed newsworthy and reaches the Internet(s).

6) The next time the event is held, 100,000 people show up, food vendors set up booths, the local Renaissance Faire People decide to co-opt the scene and Pandemonium ensues.

7) The event is canceled or postponed until the Original Participants can figure out how to tackle things next year.

8) The event is recast as a commercial enterprise, complete with team sponsorships, licensing fees for drivers, Tech inspection for the cars, Insurance waivers, Closed course, and televised coverage on the Speed Network.

I wish you luck, and bid you Peace.


I wonder who would call the police with a complaint, i.e. the "pre-race complaint from some Bernal Hill Temperance League" neighbor? It's my experience that all the Bernal Hill neighbors love the annual show, not just because it's fun but because there's the more important issue of our planet's desperate need for non-fossil-fuel transportation. Gravity as fuel is romantic, poetic, silly fun . . . the world needs more of this.
OKAY it does scare the dogs. But just for ONE DAY??
The dogs own it every other day of the year after all.

I'd imagine someone who doesn't want to see the city or township have to spend a few million dollars on lawyers, hospitalizations and payoffs when some knucklehead gets himself or a spectator killed.

Someone always has to spoil the fun, but having something like that is illegal is sometimes not such a good idea as this can be a bit dangerous.

If something is illegal then it shouldn't be done but then this is what makes it more fun, but the only down side is that some one always gets hurt. One has to be so careful, I know in South Africa we have illegal car racing and someone always gets hurt, or even killed.

Have I missed it already?

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