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24 November 2008


For the aviator who thinks he has everything cool, I bet you don't have this... Check it out,

have a link to http://stores.ebay.com/FAA-CD in the sig and a cool graaphic of a plane

If you compare this to the current Bushmobile, as was easy to do in the New York Times writeup, the styling is identical to the point of boredom. From what's been released, it seems like the only really noticeable difference might be the grille.

Maybe it's more interesting under the hood.

Well, apparently he didn't choose this odd looking limo. He now rides a modified Cadillac DTS and with amazingly, cool features that goes along with it.

Could be Bushes limo reworked for Obamas taste(like the subwoofers in the trunk j/k)Those tires mostlikely are bullet proof but the rims/hubcaps arent to great.I think nice rims with Lower profile tires would look and function better.My friend had loe profile drag tires on the back of his transam and someone stabed them and they drove so well flat he drove a few miles on them untill they slid partly off the rim so bullet proof ones would be perfect on it.They say it most likely has a V8 Duramax so I hope it has a bully dog kit or something of that nature on it so it can get the heck away if needed.Any body who has seen the JFK killing video can see how slow the car was.On another note you know how people get used copcars and such from actions..it would be sweet to own a ex bulletproof presidental limo:)

Time tested fact: Obama didn't select any limo like this one. Pretty odd looking limo i guess.

it lack some style

It looks more like a morgue limo than a presidential limo.

Well, why is it so dirty, I don't know if it's is color and if it is it certainly do not match the presidential stature.

This is the worst presidential car that I have ever seen, how could they really use that for their new president???

I do like the limousine, but not keen on the stripes, but if that is what he requested.

They have to be joking this really can't be the car for him, that is just not cool. What were they thinking with that 2 tone color??

To think outside the box (or boarders), maybe they use this one [limo] *overseas* where the additional security is desired?

well, it looks heavily armored..could be a prototype

For the people that actually believed that the grey was going to be used, you must realize that any prototype car is put different colors, even zebra stripes to disguise what the car will really look like. IT WAS OBVIOUSLY a prototype. Jesus

It this picture real? Looks awesome

Well, if it's real, it's really amazing!

Thats gangstar!

This limo is terrible

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