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29 October 2008


I'm sold, based on equal parts Krugman and TGV bar car.

You will not find a more rail-oriented reader than I am, but before casting your ballots, please note that there are many genuine rail advocates who have misgivings about the California plan.


Give that a read before casting your vote.

I loves me some car road trips. I don't like taxes. I don't like Big Government.

...but I'm for 1A. History has shown that governments that spend money on transportation infrastructure benefit from it.

Even if this isn't ideal and will certainly have a host of screwups and waste along the way, I think it's a necessary long-term investment for Kalifu-ornia (that's Ah-nuld speak).

That, and bullet trains are dead-sexy.


Those are our sentiments, exactly. We love cars, and we know it'll be ugly along the way, but in the long run, HSR is the way to go.

Hell yeah. I've gotten some seriously solid work done in the TGV bar car.

Plus don't forget San Jose in 30 minutes. Baby Bullet my ass...

Vote yes and bring California trains into the 20th century!!

The Japanese will see our "high-speed" trains and say "kawaii!"

MagLev Trains By 2025 In Japan, Could Reach 361 MPH!

That would mean San Jose in 18 minutes, LA in an hour and a half. (Damn!) In, hmmm, 2060 (Damn?)

But even 220mph is better than the "baby bullet" -- in 1865, the inaugural run of the San Francisco & San Jose Railroad set a speed record of 67 mph. Caltrain goes 79 mph today. 12 mph in 143 years? That's not sexy.

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