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07 August 2008


You all might be interested in this...


your submissions to BoingBoing TV have been really great. i've been enjoying them a lot.

Hey, cut those pictures of you on the 3" gun out of the video ASAP. The only reason why that ship is allowed to stay in San Francisco is because everyone thinks it's unarmed. Do you want the D.A. on deck holding a press conference with a bunch of handcuffed geezers crowing about how she just saved the city?

I'm only kidding. Half kidding. I'm a lifelong SF resident. (If I weren't, I'd be completely kidding.)

Your Flickr account came up on the radar screen a few years ago when I saw USS Tripoli being towed through the bay and ran into your photostream. Nice blog--I've added it to my RSS feed.

One more thing--please no more pandering to that putz Cory Doctorow with the whole "steam" thing. I can't stand seeing him getting any satisfaction.

Ha! Bigfoot, don't even get me started on all the stoopid reasons why the USS Iowa won't become a museum in San Francisco, despite the fact that it's parked just a few miles away, in Suisun Bay!


Yeah, Mirkarimi is my supervisor. I traded emails with him over the Iowa--he didn't mention the peace and war memorial as much as he did point out that the vets organization didn't have a very good business plan for sustaining such a museum. I conceded him that point, but still had a problem with the rest of them.

Hey, email headed your way. I just realized you might be the guy to ask about something.

A born sailor!

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