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18 August 2008


Zoe Keating Plays San Francisco Airport

Original composition "Sun Will Set" performed at the international terminal on Friday 15 August 2008. Click here for YouTube video.

The power poles are the best part.


nice blog and idea, but actually the combination of 'avantgarde music' and movement is not that new. Watch a(lmost any) movie and you will find a scene where there is a movement (car on the street) combined with music. This can be a song or an 'avantgarde' piece. 'Atonal' is definitly the wrong word, both pieces a completely tonal though they are not a 'song' or use computer sounds. I understand the setting and idea of the second example but actually the video shows no movement, it is a performance video (in a bus). So, the idea is nice but not at all new or amazing. Regards, Oliver

Respect to the old iPod. Sadly mine was stolen last year, but if it hadn't been, I'd probably still be using it.

You might like Michael Nyman's MGV; not that minimal, but definitely goes well with a train journey. Good luck with Prop 1A, too.

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