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05 August 2008


What's not to like? Don't know why some feel the need to be superior & snarky.

Fun little ride and a peek into a lifestyle I know *I'll* never see.

Love how the blogger said "Lots and lots and lots and lots of gold trim" like it's a good thing. Still, I won't accuse him of bias because there is very little about this aircraft that is unimpressive. The showers are a little weird though. Even on the longest flights you should be able to ward off body odor, so long as you showered before you came to the airport. As cool as the cameras are, I can see how they would further terrorize passengers in the event of an emergency landing, showing the impending crash from many perspectives.

That's one fine airplaine....(drooling)

I am guessing economy class is still a shithole like any other airline?

Wish you could have shown us something of the standard (or is that "cattle") class seating downstairs, just to get a feel for what the majority of us would probably experience.

I agree that the first class in the US isn't what it should be. I just flew first class from Tucson to New Orleans and they didn't have any meals and I drank out of plastic cups. Granted the booze was free but it wasn't a luxurious as it used to be even 3 years ago. Also, they cut out the booze before the takeoff, now it's just OJ or water. The space is still nice though.

I think they should put up pictures of poor people in the first-class suites, to remind the passengers of what pigs they are.

great post. i'd love to fly on it sometime!

I enjoyed your trip report and the pictures. I especially liked the comparison to the plane when it first arrived at SFO. The before after shot was very fun!

If this kind of luxury would draw more American rich people to fly commercial airlines instead of private jets, I'd be all for it - it would be a great environmental victory. Those private jets are awful for the environment. That said, the author was probably distracted by all the nice stuff in the cabin to notice any minor problems with a brand new state of the air aircraft. Lay off him people! This kind of plane would only show its flaws after a fair number of real flights. I'm sure they had this "demo" staged to be flawless in every respect.

Unreal. Once on it don't know if I would want to leave.

Unreal. Once on it don't know if I would want to leave.

Is there a "super first class" (or something like that) where BJs and/or hand jobs are offered?

Wow! If I had the money, I'd do it in a heartbeat...I absolutely despise flying in coach. I have to laugh at some of the nasty comments...I'm quite sure that it you had the cash...you'd do it too.

Coach passengers griping about service standards on today's US carriers are getting exactly what they are willing to pay for. The whole idea behind airline deregulation was to make flying affordable to everyone - a ludicrous idea on the face of it because airline flying and anything and everything having to do with it is inherently VERY, VERY expensive. Just watch any airliner pulling into the gate and observe the number of equipment and human beings on the ramp that are required to meet it and you can get a glimpse of just how expensive it is to run ONE flight. The only way to make flying "affordable for the masses" is provide the absolute minimum in service, pack as many passengers as humanely possible and charge for anything extra - blankets, pillows, beverages, checked-in bags, unaccompanied minors.

The reason why our US airliners are so old, smelly and dingy, and why our service standards are so abysmal is so that people who can't be bothered to show up in anything more than SHORTS and FLIPFLOPS can afford to get on a plane.

People who complain about rising airfares need to know that airfares should actually be DOUBLE what they are now, to cover the real cost of transporting their ill-mannered, toe-nail trimming, teeth flosssing selves to their destination. Yes, I've witnessed these activities in Coach.

Welcome to Air Travel - for the Greyhound Crowd.

This plane looks awesome. Pretty sad the muslims have more than "the greatest country on earth" lol. Not racist or anything like that, just think its funny how naive Americans are in general thinking our country has it all when we clearly dont. Obviously I'm one of those who can't afford to fly on this but I'm not jealous, theres lots I can't afford & it's like oh well, if I wanted to work morning to night I suppose I could af ford it but I choose to spend my precious time with my precious children & live a lower lifestyle.

Nice report indeed. As for the comments about serving alcohol, Emirates is an international airline and one of the top ones in the world. They cater to a large international clientele and their operations and advertimsements reflect that worldy perspective. As an example, I can cite the refreshing instances when I saw the depiction of women flyng First or other minority groups as businessmen in Emirate's commercials.

Furthermore, not all Muslim countries practice their religion with such devout extremism. Dubai is known for being one of the most progressive and open places in the Middle East. There are large Christian, Jewish and Hindu communities and religions are allowed to worship freely. Women are not required to wear the abaya (full length black cloak)and sale of alcohol is permitted (thought regulated.) Of course, there are problems and Dubai is not a perfect place, but compared to its neighbors, it seems to be a place that tries to head in the right direction.

Wow seriously whoever feels that they "need" that to fly is insane....
I can understand wanting a little more leg room, but i think this is just over the top.
Why can't people help out the world?
There are humans starving EVERYWHERE!
sheesh :/

Thank you for the wonderful post. That thing is a tank. After writing this comment I'm going to search for the specs of the plane to see how much fuel that thing burns per hour at full capacity. Yikes.

On a lighter note, beautiful aircraft.

I want to ride 1st class or at least Economy!

Está re-chingón! Solo he viajado en microbus....pero...ha de estar re-suave viajar en esta aeronave!!!


"Jealous, bitter people"? With all this talk of "Global Warming" and such and gready speculators running up the price of oil that impacts most people of the world except the super rich and Al Gore, how can such a beast be glorified? Remember the Concorde?

Jeez, some people commenting here really have no idea about airlines outside the US huh....in lands where they are capable of running businesses without losing vast amounts of money and not charging passengers for everything from extra baggage to onboard food! Get a grip people!

This plane isn't only for the 'corporate bigwigs of this world' but for the everyday passenger! "When are the airlines coming up with family class" ---> well they already have that onboard, 399 seats in fact. We call it Economy Class outside the US!

"It's nice to know that the plane can carry the extra water weight while US commercial airlines are taking away in-flight movie systems because they weigh too much and use too much fuel. (I guess it doesn't matter though, since they have an endless supply of it over there...)" ---> Ever considered the price of fuel Emirates pays when it is in Europe,Ásia, the US or any other destination it flys to? The same as every other airline!!! Ever considered that these new aircraft are more fuel efficient also so you don't have to remove the IFE etc? Just a thought.

the bathroom is bigger than mine!

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