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01 April 2008


Wow. That cutter looks to be about 4x bigger on the inside than on the outside. How do they fit all those rooms. Also, you showed us the officer bunks; where do the non-officers sleep? Hot bunking like in subs? Is there a 0.75 bathroom, or is it more of a 0.5 bathroom?

I saw the enlisted bunks; they're on the lower deck, and they're actually about the same, space-wise. But the 8 enlisted folk have to share 1 toilet and 1 shower.

Under what circumstances do they use those 50 cals?

How did you get invited aboard? That must have been a very cool afternoon. The closest I ever get is during the blessing of the fleet every year, the USCG Cutter has a priest aboard that blesses you as you float by.

I actually served on this ship, and loved every single minute of it. I also understand that all the comments left here were from about 2 and a half years ago. Crew quarters and things like that were very reasonable given the size of the ship, the crew restroom was a half bath with a toilet and a sink with a shower located right across the hallway from the bathroom. The .50 calibers are only used for emergency law enforcement situations. if there are any questions I would be more than happy to answer them, just email me.

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