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27 March 2008


Nice. I've seen many of the exhibits at SFO, but never the behind-the-scenes stuff. I'll bet there are few enough visitors there that you got the cook's tour.

That flight insurance vending machine looks peculiarly familiar. I think it must be from the era when I took my first jet trip (NY-LON) on the first Pan AM 747 in service, back in 1970 when I was 10.

You should check out Gemini Jets, Dragon Wings, et al, whose 1:400 jet models are probably the ones in those drawers. I have six or eight of these gorgeous little jets, split between the office and home. Each is one of my favorite airliners, including the "Clipper Young America" 747 I first flew on (later lost at Tenerife), the Delta L-1011 I last got a cockpit view out of (much like a gigantic bay window), the prototype 747 that featured twenty-eight first-purchase airline logos on its nose, and two different "Snoopy" design 747s featuring full-fuselage paintings of a half-dozen Peanuts characters (All Nippon Airways used these paint schemes on two family ski flight 747s some years back).

Thanks Mike! I love those Gemini and Dragon Wings jets, and I've got a few. But SFO has a lot more... *lust*

My current lust objects are this 1:200 rollout 747 with a 13" wingspan:


(Google "1:200" inflight 747 prototype if that link doesn't work)

and this 1:200 B314 in Pacific Clipper livery:


I want the latter to go with the "Fly to South Sea Isles via Pan American" and "Clipper at the Gate" lithos by Lawler and Phillips, respectively, that I bought years ago (Google image search those phrases to see).

OMG!! I should take my brother, He would love that place.. very cool stuff!

The things mentioned are unanimous and needs to be appreciated by everyone.

Marion Barrett

who doesn't like model airplanes? why dont you just spit in the punch and pop all the balloons

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