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25 February 2008


thanks, Todd. im happy to contribute to your organization.

i was listening to this podcast on cable cars this morning and it said the mayor of SF at the turn of the century was named Lappin. any relation?

Really? I didn't know about that, but no relation... unless he was also from Jersey City, NJ.

i wiki'd it, i heard lappin, upon further research its "lapham" around the 1950s.

i remembered that post you had with your mom on a muni and figured you might be old school SF, like 3 or 4 gens.

You need to have a schedual from now intel next year same day... No web site has one.. There needs to be a schedual of when you can ride the cacle cars so that people can find out when they can ride them without having to call an if they do not have a phone and only a computer!!!

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