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08 February 2008


It appears that the SS Independence leaving without a real destination port and without decontamination is the last move by the American DHS's attempt to take over the passenger cruise industry by framing all of the breakers and companies as sponsors of terrorism. The (SS) Constitution was already sunk. See Http://BlueNorway.Org/

At least the Scientolgists didn't buy the liner and sail it around the world, attempting to destabilize and take over small African nations.

L.Ron Hubbard actually did this in the 1970's on the S.S. Apollo.

Check xenu dot net for documentation.

I was a Staff Officer on the Independence back in the the mid 60's. My dad had been a crew member on the Constitution from day one till he died in '65 so those ships were very close to me.

The Independence is now on a breakers beach in India. Such a sad end to a great ship.


No Ted she is NOT on the alang beaches but is currently layed up in Dubai India and is up for sale. she has recieved much interest in being converted into a hotel ship.

Those ships were very close to me.
The Independence is now on a breakers beach in India. Such a sad end to a great ship.Maiby it sould be a hotel,or museum?

I work at Blooms Saloon on Potrero Hill, I loved looking down the street and seeing those lovely smokestacks everyday. Even with that silly paintjob she was beautiful.

Farewell Indy! Aloha, A Hui Hou, Malama Pono! We loved you here in Hawaii, where you and your sister Cony lived. Too bad China didn't buy you for scrap, then you could have sunk yourself next to your sister in these Hawaiian waters you so loved! Mahalo nui loa, Indy! From the staff of Land Operations / Hawaii office.

It's so sad to see another piece of American heritage gone down the tubes to a foregn interest intent on rendering it to nothing more than scrap in the end. She should have been cleaned painted and at the very least put to use in our own country. At the very least, the ship could have been made into an attraction for people to see the marvels of engineering that these ships were.

i also worked on both the independence and constitution they were home to me if the indy is going to be scrap let her sink next to her sister the connie not be taken apart ncl refused me my final good bye to this ship in 2006 i am now disabled and this adds to my depression now not only i can not ride my harley davidson but the only other thing i had in my miserable life i will never see again when american hawaii went bankrupt i was on my 6 weeks off i now hope that ncls two ships pride of america and pride of hawaii are cursed until they no longer own both ships the independence and constitution were heavily responcible for their being built started by american hawaii cruises this is another stab in my heart the independence should have never been allowed to leave america she should have been cleaned up and made in to a hotel and museum mahalo ncl take everything we had and throw away what you do not want mark tollisen crew member /stand by supervisor /warehouse manager 1992/2001

at present as on 10/10/2009, ship is anchored near the ship breaking yard of the alang (india). it was towed by baracuuda tug of leo shipping.


While searching the net for various articles on the S.S. Independence, I came across yours, and in particular, the item about the "Funship" in 1968.

I was one of three graphic designers and construction managers of the renovation to the Independence, and in 1968, was responsible for the final design and performed the actual physical layout of the painted sunburst super-graphic and "Jean Harlow's" eyes, on the exterior sides of the ship, which at that time was drydocked in Baltimore, MD .

I took many pictures of the ship, including the one published on your website.

BTW: Besides WWII warship camouflages, this was the first super-graphic to be painted on the side of a ship.

Bill Chefalas AIBD

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