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13 February 2008


Anybody surprised by this obviously doesn't remember the original "Mission: Impossible" series, where the team always arrived in an Acme Bakery truck (or what have you).

The one thing that makes true cloning easier is the flat license plate, something that 3M has been lobbying for since they get states to spend a couple million on new equipment to produce the flat plates, which of course need materials from 3M. Funny thing is that Washington state did a study on flat plates and they actually cost more to produce.
The flat plates are apparently easy to fake, unlike the embossed plates which don't look like they were outputted on a printer.

Interesting topic. I don't quite understand how this is relavent but I don't think this is as mainstream as most others. I don't know I guess its applicable though.

hey great t-shirt (yellow one) how i can do to get one of that ones???

good reporte about cloned cars

Well good to know it!!!, its a shame the people do that kind of things to stole... now you cannot trust in nobody... and you been affraid even with some serious company like you guys come to made your work...

grat yellow t-shirt!!!!! how can i get one???

well guys dont been sad you got better trucks than the copies... now i just open the door to fancy trucks :P i promise

this is so cool. I want one of these shirts too. This is so amazing.

nice comment!

People who do illegal things easy money that's their problem and I guess have no scruples. But we can not judge just like that

How far can greed of drug dealers and smugglers? may have no scruples?

It is a Very Nice Post

I want a yellow t-shirt too!!!

Clearly, vigilance is required. Please stay on the look out for fake fake Telstar Logistics vehicles.

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