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24 January 2008


Gimli is an hour drive north of where I live!!

The middle of nowhere, mentioned on your blog!

I am actually amazed that that plane is still flying, it seems so long ago.

Last week I flew NWA to San Fran for Macworld, and comparatively speaking Air Canada kicks NWA in up keep. The seat back entertainment systems Air Canada is rolling out is state of the art, touch screen, customized playlists, movies on demand. Very cool.
Now if they could just get all the bitter 50 yer old attendants to retire, they might be viewed in this country with less hate.

I flew gliders about 10 years ago (eek!), now, and I remember the SSA magazine, "Soaring", having an article about this. I always loved the story, especially how the pilot flew a 90 ton airliner just like a half-ton sailplane. You've got some great stuff here, as always!

Although I can sympathize, having almost run out of gas in my car on more than one occasion, it's pretty mind-boggling that both the pilot and copilot failed to notice the fuel gauges. Sure, someone on the ground screwed up, but the responsibility lies with the captain, who screwed up more critically by failing to notice something so basic!

Most likely flight crew would have noticed the fuel gauges as part of the pre-flight check had the gauges been working. They were inactive due to a faulting solder connection. The problem was that the measuring stick used by the fuel crew was in centimeters and the numbers they were told to use were in inches.

this is so scary to even thing about it. Where does somebodies brain goes.

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Thats a nice plane.

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