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28 January 2008


1). >>> Does anyone have good pictures of - ALL - the sides
of the original 57 P bus ? Was there any variations to the exterior paint job over the show years ?

2). >>> Is there - ANY - pictures of it behind Lucy's Taco stand ?
There - HAS - to be some out there !
Someone call Lucy herself please !

If the original was painted over in off white right after the show in '74 for the WB series, how does everyone know the bus behind Lucy's Taco stand was the PF bus. All accounts of the bus behind Lucy's clain he bus was still in the PF paint job, not the off white has described above? Hmmm...

It's almost two years later (since my February 2009 post) and indeed, this sounds exactly like where my Dad was driving us -- to get to the "10 freeway" most probabaly: ... "the actual bus lived for years behind Lucy's Tacos on Martin Luther King Blvd, right by USC."

(Feb '09 post)

I lived in LA back as a kid in the 80s and recall seeing what I think now was indeed .. THE BUS!!!

I have memory of it being far south in the city and seeing what looked an awful lot like the Partridge Family bus beside a building (off-street). I figured it was an imposter because "How could the ACTUAL bus be down HERE, out side in the elements, away from Hollywood proper, etc, etc."

If only I could have fortold the 10 years later or so desire for "Boomer" retro, etc... and later on...eBay!! Maybe could have bought it for a couple grand and flipped it later for a few grand more!? :-)

I bought the original bus from a wrecking yard in Fernando valley, the bus is just a shell, I was able to remove a few layers of the paint and have discovered some of the partridge paint underneath.

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