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15 January 2008


Very nice write-up of Carole and her team, Todd. I'm sure there are more than a few people here at Market Street Railway that would love to get their hands on that secret book of hers!


that is a Perley Thomas car from New Orleans? When did SF/MUNI get that?

This is exactly why I love this blog...well done. My Mom always told the story of taking the streetcars to work in the 70s...when it was raining, half the passengers would keep their umbrellas up to stay dry. These guys keep them up better than they ever could have been when in service.

New Orleans car no. 952 was leased to San Francisco in 1998 and repainted back to the olive and red colors. We've since purchased a second car, no. 913, which is being stored it can be restored as well.

pretty cool but i would love to see the the mechanics who keep these old things going. be interesting to know how much maniacal maintenance they need compared to the modern cars

Looks like MUNI/F line is taking real good care of the 952. Keep up the good work.
Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the cable car we got in a swap.......sad situation. Of course we have bigger fish to fry trying to restore 30 streetcars that were flooded. On a happy note, this Sunday the St. Charles line will be open 100% with a celebration the following Saturday June 28th. Finally, the red cars are now getting motors, so the Perleys are not long for Canal and Riverfront. Best guess is when NORTA has 10/12 VonDullens ready, the second last run will take place. Plan on it being a big event possibly taking place Oct/Nov this year. The 972 will retrace its first last run in 1964 and instead of bus 208 taking over, red car 2008 will. Much happier ending..............
BYE from NOLA, Earl - New Orleans #1 fan

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