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07 December 2007


I haven't seen any of these in London - we seem to have mostly Tridents (shorter, four wheels) - see http://www.alexander-dennis.com/double_deck/trident.htm. I hope that's not the final paint job, as well! Part of the charm of London's buses is that they're all red, and not in some private operator's colours.

I must admit, it's a bit galling to see that SF might be getting double-deckers when we in London are still being told that the future is the bendy-bus:


We hate them. Well I do, anyway.

Like London, Dublin has double-decker buses - and they're also four-wheeled. No prizes for guessing their colour.

My biggest disappointment with the Dublin buses was that neither the upper saloon nor the lower saloon lived up to its name. (Then again, I worked there back in 1986, so things may have changed.)

Way cool. I can't wait to get back to The City to test one of these out. That's nice that they post a schedule of it's trial runs.

It is a popular misconception with Americans that London is the only city in in the UK with Double Decker Buses and that all Double Deckers are consequently RED! Totally wrong - you will see Double deckers of various styles and configurations in EVERY City in the UK (There are quite a few cities in the UK apart from London!!) The beauty about them is, almost without exception, they are Durable, Economical, Extremely Manoeuvrable, and even the shorter versions than the MUNI trial bus have seating capacity of around 76 - Hong Kong was a long standing customer of British Double Decks - and what more crowded city could there be thaan HK?? I seem to recall Dennis sold high capacity DDs to the - capacity for over 100 seated! Don't forget there is also standing capacity downstairs. Go for it MUNI - and Buy British! What the UK doesn't know about Double Deckers you could write on the back of a Postage Stamp!
Richard H - Devon, UK

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