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23 December 2007


Operation Moonbase by Marx! I got one for Christmas when I was a kid (I'm 54!). Also had the Remco Nautilus Nuclear Submarine and the Marx Mystery Spaceship, which had a huge, crank operated gyroscope inside. When it was going full steam, it was almost impossible to move it from the position it was in. I miss that stuff.

Awesome. What a great flashback.

I have a 1967 Sears Christmas. Unfortunataly lots of the toy pages are printed on B&W-ish, thin newsprint type paper, hard to scan without damaging the spine.
Dallas, Tx

I loved this post, I get a kick out of anything retro. Thanks for sharing!

I loved this post, I get a kick out of anything retro. Thanks for sharing!

How wonderful to find this on Flickr -- thanks a lor for posting. The '62 Sears Christmas catalog has double meaning for me -- my father worked at a Sears store repairing electronics (TVs and more) from '58-87, and I was born just as that '62 holiday season was beginning.

I have a copy of the 1962 Christmas edition and I cherish going through every page of it. As a child, I spent hours and hours going through those wonderful pages. The catalog lost its first 2 pages as it got old, but I have kept it safely now, have no intentions of giving it away in scrap...
Was happy to see those pages scanned online on this site... Great posting...

any chance you have scans of the guitar pages from this catalog? I would really like to have a copy of those pages!


Thank you for your post. I prefer Amazon for shopping. Buying the christmas gifts is always a hard work.

What great memories that brings. Now the Grandkids want xbox and guitar hero. When I was a kid I only wanted model planes.

it is way to hard to find how to get a catalog sent to me . my address is joseph messina 2402 sullivant ave columbus oh 43204 thak you .

if you are shopping for a nine year old a 4 year old and a 7 year old what girts would you choose

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