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06 December 2007


Let me re phrase what I said in my last comment: Any company OR PERSON who would jeopardise either of the ships I have mentioned should be arrested for treason!

The cat and mouse game continues. Indy sitting off the coast near Alang. I'm also surprised that i've not received any lawsuit threats from people claiming to represent the criminal enterprise (also known as the "Indian Ship Recycling Industry") as happened last year. The case plays on, and GMS is still not off the hook yet.

Hi . . .There was another SS Independence - wrecked near the coast of San Fran - almost 100 years before this ghost ship. There were more than 200 people who lost their lives, two in particular, who were connected to a a deeper story of intrigue, mystery, and history. There is a story to tell - I am a writer, a scuba diver - lived in San Fran in the early 90s, and restored the NC home of the foremost expert on light houses who also invented the modern day technology for lights in lighthouses - in the world- he earned his PHD at 19,entered the Coast Guard when newly formed and was a high ranking officer when he retired. So what has this to do with your blog - not sure yet but it could be interesting. By the way - I have original documents and letters on the first SS Independence - including a ticket! (1853)

i worked in the engine room,it was the best time of my life 1990-1994 brendan

I came to the u.s.a in 1952 aboard the independence ship, me as a 10 yr old my brother at 14 yr. old my sister at 17 yr. old and my mother, for 8 days on the liner, i was sick the whole 8 days but i would do it over, and over again to get to this wonderful country, last year i went to visit my town in napels and had a tour throughout italy, i was so happy to get back to u.s.a.

I cme on the independence from napels, italy in 1952, and i would like to know if i can buy a picture of the boat the way it looked then.

My dad was First Ass'nt engineer and later Staff Chief from 1952 till 1960.He was then and we as family moved to San Diego. He was owners rep for 6 new ships the Aide and the Agent and fourr new stern mounted steam mounted engine all ships were named export B series in '65we moved back to Morristown NJ- the hose we owned was rented out to Jewish rabbia an his family snce we could not move back into the house on Dogwood Road. I have several items that need a home.If you read this I can be reached at 908 852 5980 please owner of this site please contact me @ this ph # or cap e address and contact me I may have min looking for you as I have a huge 35 mm chodascroom slides of many AEL ships

I came on this ship on november 1952, i was 10 years old and was very scared of coming all the way from Italy, and to see my father after 5years of not seeing him and to meet my 2 brothers that had children of their own that i never saw them before being that i was born after they came to the u.s.a.

thanks Filomena Mazzella

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