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10 October 2007


I presently own a 29 Oakland. Runs & drives great.Won a few trophies. Its 90% original.

This is not a 1929 Oakland but rather a 1928 Oakland.

Car looks great.It is a 28 Landau Sedan.I am restoring one just like it. Will require some parts. Any extras? Would like to see more photos of interior. I see it has a cross-flow rad,which I believe is a late 1928 car. There were 2 editions made that year. My car is the early 28 which has vertical flow rad and a little different rad-shell. Your car is nice original.Hope to hear from you.

I have a 1929 Oakland that i am considering selling. Its intact which is a good thing, however not in great shape. What are these cars worth? How do i learn what model it is?
Thanks- Jeffrey

Excellent piece of information.
I also saw a valuable article on Oakland autos on http://www.bizymoms.com/oakland/index.php. You could learn a lot here regarding Oakland.

In Australia my brother is a detailer and has a 1927 oakland to work up he wants it to be an exact replics (as original). we have been looking at interiors (photos)and are confused as to what is actual and what are not well researched replicas can anyone assist.

Interesting to see your 1928 (not 1929) Oakland Landau Sedan. I have 2 of this model Oakland, one with wood spoke wheels and one with wire wheels. Also have 2-door and 4-door Sedan, model 1928, the 4-door built in 1927. And 2 1927 sedans with disc-wheels. Other cars i have are Falcon Knight 1927, Stanley
1923 and Tatra 12, 1928.

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