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15 October 2007


The second and third pictures looked a little familiar.....


In this case, art imitates life; the Enterprise-A fantail was designed in the late 1970s.

It would be crazy to tear Hangar One down. I thought that it was still in use for some purpose. I'm sort of disappointed that it's not.

I work within view of Hangar One, and would be very sad to see it torn down. Thanks for the great Macon pictures, I'd not seen these before!

What this article and savehangarone.org lack is some call to action. How do we help, exactly?

I was stationed at Moffett Field '79-'81 (Mountain View was a much different town then!). Hangar One should be designated a national historical landmarked and preserved.

Those wanting to take action to may sign up to our low-volume Yahoo! email list or RSS feed at www.savehangarone.org. We'll alert you when the Navy comes out with its recommended action this winter--either preservation or demolition. We'll ask you to attend the public hearing, probably in January, send the Navy a written comment, and get in touch with your representatives in Washington. Thanks!

Smart comment, Elke Sisco! I've updated the post above with information on how to stay informed about upcoming milestones as the Navy begins to solicit public feedback on the future of Hangar One.

In 1997 NASA Ames held an open house where they allowed the public to tour their facilities at Moffett field. Here's a pic of my friend Paul in front of the hangar doors. It's difficult to describe just how mind-bogglingly big the hangar is. I sure hope that it can be preserved because it is a beautiful and historic landmark.

Here's the rest of the pictures I took that day.

There is a similar (but a bit larger) hangar in Akron, OH. Us locals call it the Goodyear Airdock, even though Goodyear hasn't owned it in years. It is actually the place where the Macon, among other airships, was built.

Wikipedia article

Nation Park Service page

I've been watching this situation ever since I moved down here (Sunnyvale) in the mid-80's. You can't miss Hangar One as you drive past on Highway 101.

Thanks for the link to the SHO website. I'm going to get on their list.

Andy Frazer

I worked as an Aviation Electrician in Hangar One in late 1952 to June 1953. I was assigned to Squadron VC-3, which was a Night Fighter outfit. I would hate to see the Hangar One go. Like losing an old and good friend!

When I was 11 I took a balloon ride INSIDE Hangar One in a full-size hot air balloon!

When I was 11 I took a balloon ride INSIDE Hangar One in a full-size hot air balloon!

I have fond memories of Hanger 1, but as a resident of Sunnyvale I am far more concerned about the manner in which the Navy intends to tear down the structure, if that is what they decide to do. A "slash-and-burn" teardown could have a serious negative impact on the environment and the health of workers in the area, not to mention residents in the surrounding area. I hope for our sake that the supporters of the "Save Hanger 1" consider lobbying for an independent environmental impact report as opposed to the whitewash that I fear the Navy will report.

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