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04 October 2007


I want to work for TelStar.

I dont know exactly what you guys do, but you get the inside angles and access to all the foto taking you want ie: bridge closed, rincon tower, this big ass plane.

You already work for Telstar Logistics... you just don't realize it yet.

All your base are belong to us!

Did anyone catch the SF flyover? I really wanted to but I didn't get to, my south facing Mission Bay office window has a great view of the Dogpatch (http://www.flickr.com/photos/dollar_bin/388885662/) but not apparently ridiculously ginormous eurojets, at least when I was looking.

It's big, it's naked, but it's still butt-ugly.

I checked webcams for most of that time period and didn't see it....did it happen?

It did happen! Photos to follow momentarily.

I saw it flying low over Potrero Hill. It was quite a surprise. Also, see my comment on the BB article.

Quantos, lol you idiots. It's Qantas, which stands for Queensland And Northern Territory Air Service.

Actually, whilst it is QANTAS not QUANTAS, Simon it no longer stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service - they dropped the acronym a couple of years back beacuse it was confusing to americans and europeans who couldn't make the link between it and Australia. Aparently it made them 'more easily recognisable' That and they stylised the kangaroo a bit...

Queensland? Is that sort of near The Castro?

Thanks for the heads-up, and the spelling is fixed above.


How on EARTH did you get access?

I saw it flying low over Potrero Hill. It was quite a surprise.

Very nice site. Thank's for help. Will tell about you to my friends in Kanzas city.

Thats a bigazz plane!

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