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25 October 2007


Wow, looks like fun!

Hi Todd! We're thinking about building something for the 2008 races but we want to make sure that it's happening first. Any rumors about a race on Bernal Hill this year, or is it scuppered because of the Red Bull event?

Yeah... what's the word?
Is there a race this year?
If so, which day... the 26th or the 2nd?

Glad you asked, race fan!

The 2008 Illegal Soapbox Derby will take place on 11/2/08, beginning at around 1 pm(ish).

Is it really on and if is on year,email me and tell me it is on.How must to pay,or it's free.Is there any things to buy.Where is the place in San Francisco the event be at.The peoples who watch the race,do they stind or there will be seats around the race track.The best and easaer to get to the track in San Francisco.I live on madrid st and silver st.So if anyone can email back about the race,I will be very happy to come to watch,beause I every saw a soapbox derby every and I never hear there was soapbox derby in San Francisco.Thank you Robbie Kucel.

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