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02 October 2007


I know you hear this ALL the time, but, really.

You have a very Cool Home!

The paint job being but one aspect of that Coolness.

I feel the need to paint something the colour of the Golden Gate Bridge. But in the UK we have different colour names, any chance of someone working out the Pantone colour reference of "Fireweed". Thanks.

In the UK you also have an extra "u" in the word "color," but that shouldn't influence the tone. *wink*

This link from one of the bridge's operating divisions explains how to mix the color using either PMS (Pantone Mixing System) or CMYK:

Many people ask how to obtain International Orange Paint --your paint store can mix it with the following information: The PMS code is 173 or the CMYK colors are: C= Cyan: 0%, M =Magenta:69%, Y =Yellow:100%, K = Black:6%

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