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19 September 2007


I'm suprised you haven't included Joaquin - Powder mag's car. :D

Thanks Robin! I forgot about Joaquin:


My first car was actually a former cop car. 1986 Crown Victoria LTD. Best car ever.

My best friend had a retired unmarked Ford Taurus Interceptor in high school. That thing was bad ass, it was fast, had great suspension, and cornered like crazy. And the best part was it still had the A-pillar spotlight. Throw a couple of yellow wig-wags in the back, along with a few HAM radio antennas, and you have yourself a proper looking cop car. (The HAM radio rig mounted on the hump, along with a few strategically placed flashlights added to the authenticity).

We would cruise down the freeway doing just-a-tad-over speed limit in the center lane, and watch cars fly down the left-hand and slam on their brakes as soon as they spotted the car. Hell, he could get people to pull over just by getting in the lane behind them and turning on his headlights. Good times.

Oh, there was also the time when he joined in the presidential motorcade as it headed back to the Salt Lake City International Airport. That probably wasn't the best idea though.

Personally I would never buy one but I know a few people who have, and they love them! A high performance car at auction prices, I guess...

Note that under the LINKS above, "Why Buys a Police Car? (From policecarsunlimited.com, a police car reseller)" has been plagiarized (read stolen) from my eBay guide site by someone who is obviously too lazy to make their own investigations about these vehicles and/or is uninformed about how they operate and are sold to the public. I have informed him of his slick ways and asked that he remove it immediately. Kind of a shame for someone who professes to be in the used police car business to have to steal someone else's information. Must be he doesn't know squat about the cars.

If you want to find out most everything you really want to know about police vehicles, head on over to eBay and read drcop2u's guides. I've driven and owned them for 40 years and put together some pretty good info; info that's apparently worth stealing by some it seems.

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What are the pros and cons of buying an ex-police car?
I'm looking for a cheap car on ebay and ex-police cars seems to be a good deal, they are cheap and they should be rugged. I'm looking to a 65K miles 2003 crown Vic for less than $4000, with a salvage title (which I don't know what it means). Good or not?

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