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26 September 2007


I'm not sure how he found me, but gCaptain wrote a very flattering summary about my series on Bethlehem Shipbuilding's history in San Francisco on Bearings.

Doh! We'd been meaning to write a very flattering summary of that series as well.

Great writeup --- thanks for the support!!

Jon, I've been meaning to do another post about your Marconi series, Good Stuff! I'm just trying to figure out how to tie it in with Google's "Unity" subsea cable plans.

Give me a few days, and I'll have part 3 posted up! :-)

Glad you liked the series. I've been enjoying your blog.

Jon, Sounds great. I'll keep my eye on the site. Also feel free to email me with any future story leads: tips{[at{{gCaptain.com

Neat! I once toured the Savannah when it was open to the public at Patriots Point in Charleston, SC -- where they have the aircraft carrier Yorktown, the submarine Clamagore, the destroyer Laffey, and a Coast Guard cutter.

Other reasons the Savannah had a relatively short service life was the fact that some ports denied it entry (specifically Japanese ports), and its cargo-carrying capacity wasn't all that large (8,500 tons of freight), as it was designed more as a showcase or demonstration model for nuclear-powered merchant ships. I spent time with one of the last owners of the ship, Jakob Isbrandtsen http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Export-Isbrandtsen_Lines and he said other issues included the expense of running the ship and the requirement for engineers certified to run reactors.

yup, gcaptain is rockking amongsted the maritime blogs.

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