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13 September 2007


I am looking for 747 landing gear for a sculpture design.

great info!

I have read a lot on this topic, but you definitely give it a good vibe. This is a great post. Will be back to read more.

Thanks, helpful source.

Wow awesome pictures of the hangar

nice pictures, and really interesting article, the information is very complete and useful!

I'm seeking a 747 nose section.
Would you send a quotation to me?

cool! i love the interior! so huge!

Thanks for the info! I wanna buy it, if i have just the money to afford that!


Dobrıy den.
Yest li u Vas tel...kak s vami svyazatsya.

S uvajeniyem


Ha ha ha...
Buying a used Boeing , is it a joke???

that has got me thinking about some artwork on the walls of my office. we are in the air charter business, so such art would be very apt. wouldnt mind a piece of 747 wing for a desk! i am surprised more of these aircraft aren't converted into useful items. i especially love the meditteranean villa.

If this is so, now is the time to talk with your finance people and get all your ducks in a row.

I have a 707 in Entebbe, Uganda. It has been totally stripped and junked. I would like to refit the interior (seating) as the plane is an object of real interest to schoolchildren here, and it would be great for them to get a real sense of stepping into a plane.
Does anyone know where I could salvage an old interior (seating) from?

We are looking for:

1) B744-400 ( Main deck fwd and upper deck) Just the fwd portion of the aircraft. ( No cert no instruments. But should have the side wall, seats, psus etc

2) B767-300
Fwd cabin to the exit at wing.

If you can help us - please contact me on
Thank you so much!

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