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18 September 2007


whoa! Fantastic pics.

This is incredible! And uplifting :)

Great story. And, I never knew that Rt. 40 used to go all the way from AC to SF...the Maryland section runs about a mile north of my house. I think the bones of a good road trip could be built from an exploration of the route.

I might suggest, for the eastern portion of the trip, that you take the Old National Road / National Pike. Though it follows Route 40 in some areas, it is a separate road altogether in many others. I write a blog about the National Road, including maps and photographs of old alignments, that you might find interesting. Or, if you are a true glutton for punishment, you might want to check out my set of National Road photographs.

Fantastic story. Last time I was over that bridge, I was walking. Yikes.
That is a big frickin Bear. I wonder if he got that big from eating out of local kitchens.

[this is good] Great post!

We are the people who rescued the bear from the bridge with help from Dave Baker of the Truckee Bear League you will soon be able to see the video at SaveOurSpots.org

What a wonder job all of you did to save this magnificent animal. In a world where the news is so depressing, this was uplifting. Thank you!!!

I live in Reno, and heard about this from my pal in D.C.! Thank goodness for the Great Rescue! These poor gentle giants are suffering so much from the terrible fires this year. Good to know some people care enough to try to help them!! Bravo!

I <3 the mouse quite frankly have passed your link to others. Will ask them to send their " Joy Thoughts " to ya.
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how did they manage to get the net set up so as to span underneath from side to side? I imagine they must have had help from the people on the ground but perhaps there is a special technique someone could share that secures the net in such a position without support from the ground?

dudes, that's a grizzley :)) that's not your average bear!!!! thank you for saving him or her!!!! poor thing freaked out, and god love you all for helping him/her out....god bless....
we gotta love our natural resources...bears included...
(course i am from chicago...so bears are dear to me ;)

Hi I'm from the UK,I'd just like to echo some of the comments already posted,A truly amazing story,a big thank you to all those involved in the rescue,it really is great to read such stories of human kindness,it made my day reading about the bear and seeing those pictures,well done,Thank you,Steven


For Lizzy: Yes that's your average bear. It's not a GRIZZLY (note spelling). Because it's brown does not mean it's a grizzly. Anyhow - nice job guys. Truly a logistical feat. Well - it's back to the bush for me - in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Here's a story from there from a few weeks ago....http://www.edmontonsun.com/News/Alberta/2007/08/24/4444297.html

Sorry - link didn't come through. Cut and paste for a pretty burly story....

Strange - link doesn't come through. Google search for: bear attack Grovedale Alberta

Congratulations on a great save! Great training practice, with a positive outcome! We could all use that every now and then.
Kris in Wyoming

Nice rescue!

Sort of like 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' joke, this is 'Why didn't the bear ever cross the bridge again?' One of our fellow Fuller Brush Directors sent me the link and I was so impressed I published a link and comment on my website, http://sneakykitchen.com Look at the expression on the bear's face in the last picture - "What happened???" Lucky bear!

I haven't been over that bridge in years. I do recall however, that there was a stretch of nude beach just down river from the bridge. Imagine my parents surprise when our family came around the bend in the river to find a bunch of folks in their birthday suits.

I just moved back to upstate New York after 30 years in California and thought this a "Welcome Back to NY - This is what we do in the Adirondacks" sort of thing when I received it from a sister. Then I read it!

I love NY but I sure do miss the West!

This is an awesome picture! Great job I have been over this bridge many a time.
Big bear Lake

Great story. And, I never knew that Rt. 40 used to go all the way from AC to SF...the Maryland section runs about a mile north of my house. I think the bones of a good road trip could be built from an exploration of the route.

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