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10 August 2007


There was also this B747 fitted as a firefighting water tanker last year :
Looks like it missed the action...

I was under the impression one of the reasons jets weren't used for fire fighting was that the jet engines didn't due well in the environment.
I thought that some of those fire thermals carry debris that would be harmful to the engine? and that the super heated air would be bad for jet combustion.

What I want to know is when will the fire guys get air frames that aren't really old. IIRC there have been a few cases in recent years of fire planes falling apart in the air /on take off/etc... I remember wings coming off and such.

Yes! I've been keeping an eye on the Evergreen 747 as well. The BIG difference is... .the DC-10 has a paying client -- the state of California -- and it's actually being used to fight fires. The US Forest Service has not issued a certification for the DC-10 or the 747, so the 747 remains unemployed.

Nice to see one come OUT of the boneyard flying.

Looks like tanker 910 saw some action down in Cupertino today. There's a couple of good action shots in the channel 5 report.


I'm sad I wasn't there to see it. I think 12,000 gallons of orange goo flying out of the bottom of a DC-10 is high on my list of things I'd like to witness in person before I die.

I'm glad Tom pointed to the CBS5 video which was pretty decent. I'd love to see some clear pictures of the tanker in action today in Cupertino. On the radio they reported the first drop and said it was returning to Victorville and would return here around 6pm. The news on TV didn't make it clear, so I'm wondering if they came back for a second drop.

After the 400 mile flight back to Victorville, I wonder what the turnaround time is. It must take a while to refill that 12,000 gallon tank!

Thanks for the tips! I added a new post about the Cupertino fire here

910 is working well in the Santa Barbara fire area! Keep it coming!


Just what they need in Australia to fight bush fires. Amazing!

We should put out house fires this way. Itd make a good tv show.

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