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16 June 2007


The time capsule 1957 Plymouth Belvedere should not be restored. It should be PRESERVED. Yes, clean it up a little, then stick it in an oxygen free glass coffin (against rust and fingers) and stick it in the foyer or exhibit room of Tulsa's city museum. Along with the story. Let's make sure it lasts another 50 or 500 years, and people can gain knowledge or insight from the exhibit.

What is the point of restoring it? There are thousands of Plymouths available that can be restored, driven, worn out and thrown away. No need to do it with this one. That would be a decadent waste of a historical artifact.

If we found a rare, priceless, musical instrument from thousands of years BC, should we treat it with care and stick it in the museum, or polish it up and give it to the local school for their teen orchestra? Exactly.

I like this article very much. Please keep update me about this subject more. :-) Alex

just a reminder that there hasnt been a good looking car built for over 40 years now




I believe she should remain as is, but at least pressure washer her off a bit.

you should restore this car it would be awesome.

This was not smart but I would restore it and I would love to own one just like this some day.

i think that it's great that they found the car i hope that they restore it to the way it was it's going to take some work my dad owns 15 old cars he buys them from junk yards and restores them to there pristine condition he has restored a 1957 chavy bel air convertible, a 1963 ford galaxy convertible, and 2 1950 rolls royce, and we a currently in the process of restoring the colonial theater in Tarboro north carolina it was built in 1919 and it is going to take the amount of 1 million dollars to restore it back to way it was in the 50's but we have the money and we are on our way but i know reststoring things is'nt easy but i got a good feeling about this car if they want to they can do it.

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