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13 June 2007



Who's the U-Boat commander?

from u-tube to u-boat.

too bad they didn;t have ziplock storage bags in 1957.

They'll probably put it up on ebay like so many cars from Katrina!

The car might not be in terrible shapr if it stayed under water most of the last 50 years. I'll bet the lower parts (stayed wet) are in better condition than the upper ones (in moist air).

My house was flooded in Katrina's salt water. The metal objects that survived the best were some tools that were in a plastic box and were immersed for months until I got to them. Some had no rust at all.

Can't wait to see the car!

Hi, I'm following this story with interest from Cape Town South Africa.

Despite the water in there, the shape of the car is still clearly distinguishable which must give some hope of seeing the thing largely intact.

Looking forward to seeing more.

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