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18 June 2007


I wonder what the vibrations are like at the lower floors and what the sway is like at the higher floors?

Ah, it makes my heart leap with joy knowing that all of the tenants won't be clogging our streets with cars since the units don't come with parking. Just think, thousands of people living in the City and getting by on our 'wonderful' public transit system! Hah, hey buddy, see that there bridge out the window? I can get it for you really cheap. Poor slobs will have to resort to 'renting' parking places (which will not be tax deductible like the interest on their mortgages) and the city will gouge even more money out of them in parking taxes and permits. Wait and see how many parking lots go up in the surrounding area to accommodate the suckers who have been denied parking by the 'anti-car' fascists. Oh, I forgot - they'll all ride bicycles, huh?

That thing hurts my eyeballs every time I look at it.

the tower is actually 64 stories , not 62 as noted -

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