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05 June 2007


Here's a link to a series of vignettes of Tulsa in 1957.

I used to drive a Belvedere. It was my first car, and I bought it in 1996. There was a great deal of rust, and it could leak like crazy but I loved it all the same.

Ooooh, 50 years. Wow. We Americans are silly - bury something "for the future" and then dig it up 50 years later... Is THIS the future? Oh gawd. A good portion of the group that was standing there when a perfectly good car was buried will be standing there when it's dug up and is perfectly useless.

Wait a minute! If it has a full tank of gas, they'll be rich!

"Wait a minute! If it has a full tank of gas, they'll be rich!"

There is actually a can of gas buried with it because they figured we would not be using fossil fuels in 2007

Well, they'll have a hard enough time finding leaded gas for it, unless they plan to use 110 octane race fuel at about nine bucks a gallon.

Dont you guys have lead replacement fuel? Even in south africa we have unleaded and lrp (lead replacement)

I don't know, Sean, but 2057 sure feels like the future to me...

I want to know what that $100 trust fund is worth now. At 1957 interest rates it may be a big disappointment.

I think I read somewhere that it's now worth about $700.

Also, for those keeping score at home, the official population of Tulsa, as of June 1, 2007 is...


(According to the U.S. Census Bureau)


Not quite Christine, but close.

There have been other ways of increasing Octane Ratings since tetraethyl lead gasoline was taken off the market. I don't think it is too huge of a deal for the numerous cars from the fifties on the higheways today with their antique tags.

"This photo was taken just moments before Christine lunged forward and began running down people left and right."


On June 15, 1957 I was still more than a month and a half away from making my debut in the world. Poised on AARP membership now, I have to wonder which is more rusty: the car or me.

This is just pure fun--- I am looking forward to seeing all the unveiling--- Looking forward to the BIG DAY.... thanks - Chandra

Oh by the way- when it was buried my parents were not even married, they were in grade or middle school-- so it is a history opening... ENJOY :)

My Dad told me about this back in the late 80's. Then we happened to buy a convertible model of the same car a few years later and we rebuilt the engine turned more wrenches and had a great time with it.

So get this... I'm flying back to KC to do a roadtrip with my dad to see this this event in Tulsa! I can't think of a better Father's day gift.

Thanks for posting all of this!

Ryan M.

I wonder if it has a tube-powered flux kapacitor mounted on the hood?

Wonder how this Plymouth would look like after 50 years! Some designs on parts of the Plymouth models still haven't revised after decades. Perhaps only some of its internal components like its Plymouth oxygen sensor have been modified. Hope to see updates for that and lots of pics too!!!

Back then, with thoughts of flying cars by the turn of the century still dancing in our heads, Plymouth let us change transmission gears with pushbuttons...

They should webcast the simulcast of the unveiling (it certainly will be more interesting than some webcasts I can think of).

They checked the condition of the time capsule on April 14th. The photos are at the bottom of a horribly designed photo gallery


I like the presentation schedule


particularly this:

August 24, 2007 If no winner has come forward by this date, there will be an announcement of this fact. Persuant to Oklahoma's Unclaimed Property Act, Tulsarama, Inc. must then hold the Belvedere and the proceeds of the Savings Account for 5 years for the person or persons, to claim their property.

So if that happens, do they bury it in the time capsule for five more years, display it in a museum or at a Chrysler dealership...

And if it doesn't work and there is a winner, Chrysler should be smart and give them a brand new car.

You folks do realize that the Plymouth make was ended in 2001? This car is a true orphan now -

I really think that this event should be shown in live TV I'm sure whoever is smart enough to show it will get great ratings. All they have to do is get the word out by going to the media nationwide.

They opened it up this morning...right below my office, and the concrete container was filled with water up to the windows of the car. Stains on the wall show it had gotten much higher. Hopefully the plactic bag around the car was air tight.

They will have it simulcast on the same website as the photo gallery. www.buriedcar.com

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