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04 May 2007


Because there's nothing like spending millions of dollars after a difficult, lengthy bout in bankruptcy to get your airline off to that fresh-as-new start.

What he ^^^^^^^^ said.

But yeah, bring back the "shower curtain" livery. And DL has had a history of doing this a lot lately -- remember their brief flirtation with the curved-line widget? The one that was quickly abandoned at untold cost?

I also liked their serif font -- now they look like they were designed by a slightly hipper version of the RAND Corporation. And I hadn't noticed it, but you're right; damn if it isn't the Citgo logo. Plus they're losing something by moving away from red, white, and blue -- their pre-2007 livery was sharp and distinctive.

(one pedantic quibble -- it's "Delta Air Lines", not "Delta Airlines." Very important to the folks in Atlanta.)

Yes Citgo logo that's it; yuck.
How much money did this firm get paid for such a lack of imagination, lack of understanding of anything to do with airline history...?

With the recent merger with Northwest Airlines, the oldest airline, the pioneer in flying US Mail, the pioneer in the great northwest circle route to the Orient; their logo is outstanding . The logo retains the heritage of the pioneering Northwest with the compass logo that points NW and the nice red tail. Afaik the red tail was developed way way back in case tragedy struck and the red tail could be easily found in the arctic. Even today NWA continues to lead with a first in having their own meterology dept. that forecasts and tracks turbulence. Many other airlines crews ask the air traffic controllers to let them follow the red tails over the Rockies ! I could go for placing the Delta name in place of NWA on the existing motif as a compromise.
Note: even the latest NWA paint scheme's artist didn't take into account the compass pointing to the NW, but later press release claimed it was to indicate moving forward as rationale for pointing NE on one side, ok I'll let it slide.

Back on the new Delta paint, oh yuck again. "the conceptual leap from a cubist Widget to a highly differentiated, customer-focused flight experience" has got to be only in the delusional artist's imagination.

Ditto...to barrett!

Northwest design is light years more appealing than Delta. It is really a turn off and says BLAH about the vision of the company.

Thirdo to barrett!

Northwest logo is brilliant...once again. It delivers the notion that you are flying a great airline.

Delta could have done better...although it is clear that they knew in advance of the merger as the direction of the widget is clearly pointing Northwest. A bow to the the greatest of the two.

The good thing about your information is that it is explicit enough for students to grasp. Thanks for your efforts in spreading academic knowledge.

Hi there, I am a design student and i was just passing by to your blog but about the old logo design Vs new logo design, The newer is better.

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